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Workshop Health - Digital solutions for better health outcomes

February 11th

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered an unprecedented acceleration of digital health solutions, with large leaps made globally to overcome constraints of our current health systems. Join us on Thursday, 11.2.2021 at 10:00h for a multi-disciplinary workshop with keynotes followed by a panel discussion on what we can apply going forward to leverage the best of digital health to enhance healthcare for all.

As the ongoing pandemic underlines, the capacity of health systems is limited. Already in 2013 the WHO warned of the impending  global shortage of health workers worldwide that is expected to reach more than 12 million in the next 15 years. Digital solutions can play an important role in addressing this challenge and the steady uptake of digital health solutions over the last decade has started to have a positive impact - a development that was accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Qurator conference workshop on Digital Solutions for Better Health outcomes aims to have a closer look on how this development was influenced by the current COVID-19 pandemic. In two keynotes the speakers will share their view on digital health solutions from both an industry perspective and from a health economy point of view. They will also reflect on how this was changed by the covid pandemic and how positive effects can reach the places where they are needed the most. In the following panel discussion we bring together companies, economists, doctors and interest groups to find the answer to the question how the pandemic influenced the present and future of digital health solutions and how this will impact everyone's life.

Draft Agenda (Duration: 120 Minutes)

10.00 - Welcome (10 min)

10.10 - Keynote (15+5 min)

Title: "COVID, AI and digital health - What have we learned at the University Clinic in Marburg?"

Prof. Dr. Martin Hirsch / Philipps-Universität Marburg

10.30 - Keynote (15+5 min)

Title: "Digital Health in times of Covid19 – a German health system perspective"

Dr. Henrik Matthies / Managing Director health innovation hub (hih)

10.50 - Keynote (15+5 min)

Title: "Digitalisation and COVID-19: Between AI and telefax"

Nina Beikert / CEO Labor Berlin

11.10 Moderated panel discussion (30 min) 

Topic: The Impact of COVID on digital health now and tomorrow

Moderator: Shubhanan Upadhyay (Ada Health GmbH)

Prof. Dr. Martin Hirsch / Philipps-Universität Marburg

Dr. Henrik Matthies / Managing Director Health Innovation Hub

Nina Beikert / CEO Labor Berlin

Prof. Dr. David Matusiewicz / Dean & Institute Director FOM University 

11.40 - Q & A session (15 min)

11.55 - Conclusion (5 min) 

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