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QURATOR 2020 – Conference on Digital Curation Technologies

Impressions QURATOR 2020

QURATOR 2020 was one of the first conferences on state of the art technologies in digital curation. It is a collaborative platform scientiest and decision makers can aquire knowledge about different applications and AI technologies in digital curation from.

"We're suffering from information overload. By using the latest technologies the QURATOR project partners aim to improve how we deal with information and make it more accessable."

Armin Berger, Official QURATOR Spokesman

In workshops the participants were able to test the first demos and tried out concrete application scenarios with the QURATOR experts - for storytelling and exhibition curating, risk monitoring, process and knowledge management, personalised medicine and other promising application areas.

Proceedings Qurator2020

Accepted papers are published in the online proceedings at

QURATOR 2020 – Conference on Digital Curation Technologies

QURATOR 2020 – Conference on Digital Curation Technologies

Programme and Speakers 2020

Here you will find a review of the speakers of the conference and the two-day programme overview.

Dr. Georg Rehm, DFKI GmbH

Speakers 2020

Well-known and international experts enriched the conference with numerous lectures from the fields of media, culture, industry and health care. The spectrum of topics of the lectures ranges from interactive storytelling and exhibition curating, media production and curating of biomedical knowledge to intelligent process modelling and the automatic analysis and generation of company-specific knowledge.

QURATOR 2020 – Conference on Digital Curation Technologies

Programm 2020

On the first day, the QURATOR partners provided insights into the current status of their research results. Furthermore, guest lectrues on various use cases of AI technologies for industry, media, culture and health were be presented. On the second day, different scientific and user workshops took place, in which use cases were developed specifically for the industry, media, culture and health sectors.

Programme 2020