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User workshops and contributions from science

On the second day, four different scientific and user workshops will take place in parallel, half or full day, in which use cases will be developed specifically for the industry, media, culture and health sectors.

1st day program

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

08:30 – 09:30

Beginning Scientific Workshop

1. Scientific Workshop

Knowledge Curation in the Open Research Knowledge Graph
Scientific Workshop provides an open forum for short presentations and discussions on a specific topic relevant to the conference subjects.


Beginning Workshop Sessions

2. Workshop AI and Culture

Curation Technologies for interactive Storytelling
Artificial intelligence technologies are increasingly finding their way into the cultural arena. The spectrum ranges from AI-generated art objects to intelligent processes for digital collection management. In the workshop, current prototypes from the QURATOR project will be presented and tested in hands-on sessions with regard to their practical suitability.


3. Workshop Media 

Smart newsrooms with social media monitoring
The aims of the workshop are the introduction of intelligent tools for TV/Media Newsrooms and to derive the needs and solutions for advanced KI based Curation Technologies from realistic use cases.


4. Workshop Industry and Health Care

Current AI Applications in Industry and healthcare-related Scenarios of digital Curation
This track will spotlight two types of industries where different aspects of AI are  examined by sharing experiences and new research approaches that will then provide a starting point for an exchange between the participants.