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What might AI do for the German Digital Library (DDB)?

The „Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek“ (German Digital Library, short: DDB) is Germany’s online cultural heritage platform that currently holds about 32 million objects with over 10 million media files. Constantly challenged by scaling and data quality issues, DDB has started to look into ways how AI might improve the quality and scope of her products and services. This talk will outline our plans for automatic metadata generation, feature detection in media files, improvement of search, etc. and reporting first results from a pilot for automated thematic keyword generation within the German archives portal, a service run by DDB.

Stephan Bartholmei, German Digital Library

Stephan Bartholmei, German Digital Library

Stephan Bartholmei

Stephan Bartholmei is Head of Product Development and Innovation at the German Digital Library. As a trained physicist, born computer enthusiast and with professional experience in academic research, university and high-school teaching as well as intellectual property rights he feels right at home at the vortex of digital transformation in the cultural heritage sector. He is an active Wikimedian, Europeana board member and has co-founded „Coding da Vinci”, Germany’s first cultural data hackathon.