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Curation Tools for interactive multimedia content

ART+COM Studios designs and develops new media installations and spaces. In the research project QURATOR, ART+COM currently focuses on designing and prototypically implementing a wide range of tools supporting knowledge workers in curating interactive multimedia content.

The talk will give a rough overview of the underlying rational of the project as well the methodology used for prototyping and evaluation. It will also briefly present some of the tools currently under development, e.g. an Entity Browser and a Wikidata Visualizer, which will both be demonstrated in more detail in the hands-on session of the Culture Workshop on the conference’s second day.

Joachim Quantz, ART+COM

Joachim Quantz, ART+COM

Dr. Joachim Quantz

Dr. Joachim Quantz (born in 1962) has studied Computer Science (Diploma 1988, PhD 1995) as well as Linguistics/Philosophy (M.A. 1992) at the Technische Universität Berlin. Starting in 1988, he has worked for 10 years at TU Berlin as researcher and project leader in several national and international research projects on Knowledge Representation and Natural Language Processing.

From 1998 on, Joachim has worked for several Berlin-based software companies as well as technical analyst and IT consultant. In 2008 he joined ART+COM as Head of Research.

Joachim’s areas of expertise and interest include Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, and Augmented/Virtual Reality.