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Process management requirements in the publishing industry

Processes offer security and measurability, especially in large organizations. Designing, modelling and implementing them is one of the tasks of business process management. in a publishing house for educational media, the application of process management makes both the digitalization of the working world on the one hand and the digitalization of the product world on the other visible and liveable.

The keynote lecture gives an insight into how the (working) world with process management is shaped in an educational publishing house that has accepted digital transformation as a challenge. It is not only about success and new plans, but also about mastering hurdles.

Katrin Nehm, Cornelsen Verlag

Katrin Nehm, Cornelsen Verlag

Katrin Nehm

Studied communication design at the Fachschule für Werbung und Gestaltung Berlin. For 25 years at Cornelsen Verlag GmbH - from prepress to production and project management of digital solutions.